“Life isn’t about smiles and forced politeness. Life is raw, it’s meant to leave marks on you. If you can’t remember anything from the last two years, it’s because you’ve done nothing memorable during them. Fuck that. Fuck my imaginary wife and my bastard children. I want loud music, so loud it hurts my ears, and I want sincerity and vomit and honesty.” — The Heart Rate of a Mouse (THROAM), Vol. I (via yourenotinthisalone)



I just have a weird feeling

Blink-182 went hiatus in 2005 (which I’m sure you know if you’re a fan or just happen to know) and the year they got back together (2009) Fall Out Boy went hiatus

Then last year, FOB got back together but MCR broke up the same year

So what if this happens

The year MCR gets back together also becomes the year Panic! At The Disco breaks up

it’s going to be hard for Brendon to break himself in half